Why I've rebranded to Culture Maker

Did you know that I'm rebranding to culture maker? Up to this point, I've been calling this thing leading where it matters, but as I've deep dived into fatherhood research and leadership principles for dads, it's become clear that the most important thing for us dads to focus on is the culture we are creating in our homes.

Fathers, not all leaders are dads, but all dads are cultivated in there. If there's one thing that all leaders. We create culture. A culture walks in the room with us even if we don't realize it, but many of us are just parenting from pain and our cultures feel hurtful. Many of us have an internal monologue about our story and who we are, which doesn't line up with who we really are, which is a culture maker, which is why I rebranded to welcome to Culture Maker and Voice, a place the community committed to inspiring you to be the best father you can.

Find out [email protected]. We'll see you there.

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