Why Do Women Seem Difficult?

Do you live with a difficult woman? Listen, I think a lot of us men think we live with difficult women, and I know that some of you really do live with a difficult woman, but often women seem difficult simply because they're different. And it's not that they're difficult, it's just that they're different and we forget it. One of those differences is that women confront to connect, rather than us men who tend to get side by side. And we want to avoid the shame of a face to face confrontation, woman want to get in our face and they want to confront to connect. Whilst we wanna be side by side and connect without the heat, Women they want to get our attention. And that's just the one way that men and women are different and it can make woman seem difficult but if they're confronting to connect because we're not engaging or connecting or they're not feeling love. We think they've been difficult when they've simply got things to discuss.

So let's learn how to connect better at home!

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