Why do we live like Islands?

 Hey guys, why do we live like islands? You know, this thing where most of us guys can happily live without any deep kind of, relationship or without a lot of people in our lives. A lot of us even hate being around a lot of people. Certainly at the least, relationship building doesn't come naturally to a lot of us, and that's me, which is bad given that I've had six kids and I've fostered a whole bunch more. It's stupid. Really. There is no doubt that my parenting journey has pushed me far beyond my limits most days. So if you're struggling to be present, I get it. I can relate and I think a lot of men are like you. But what I want to say is this. You don't need to be a hyper present dad to be a great dad. We just need to be strategically present and focused on the things that we know make an impact.

To find out what those things are, and for inspiration like this, head to culturemaker.org and I'll see you there.





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