Side-by-side is a Dad's Super Power

Side-by-side is a dad's superpower — especially when it comes to parenting. There is nothing more powerful than getting side-by-side with your child. 

Dad's will do this when they go fishing, golfing or skate-boarding — whatever way the dad finds to connect with his child — it’s usually side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder.

I know that’s not always the case for every man and that there will be women who connect like this too. But generally speaking side-by-side is how men connect.

It’s a powerful way to parent when things have gone wrong. Wherever they are, whether it be on the lawn, or on their bed, you can get beside them, ask what went wrong and listen to their feelings.

Side-by-side is safe. 

The alternative— standing over them, facing them down — puts you in a position of power, and is much more likely to result in yelling, fear and anger.

Side-by-side you can explain what went wrong from your perspective. You can give them reasons, keeping them simple for young children, but taking the necessary time as they age.

You must be calm to do side-by-side. Which is perfect because you also have to be calm to engage well with your children. Nobody responds to harsh leadership.

You can still be firm. You can also keep a high expectation for your child. But when you engage them lovingly side-by-side…they’ll respond, and they’ll love you for it.


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