Parenting Side-By-Side

Did you know that dads are great at getting side by side with their kids, and this is exactly what our kids need today.

Dads will do this when they go fishing, golfing, or skateboarding or whatever it is that dads enjoy.

They naturally get side by side, shoulder to shoulder with their kids.

And the important thing is that this is a powerful way to parent, especially when things have gone wrong, when things are not right with your child, the best place to be is by their side, whether it's on the lawn, on their bed, or just sitting with them on the couch.

You can listen to their feelings. You can say, sorry. You can see their side of the story.

The alternative is a good lecture from the hallway, but that's not parenting because lectures feel harsh and we all pull away from harsh people.

Are your kids pulling away from you?

Well, it's time to get beside them. And dads, this is your sweet spot, so let's get to it.

You can still have high standards and big expectations, but just implement them side by side.

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