Nobody is talking about dads!

Nobody is talking about dads. Everyone in the parenting world and the social services world is focused on mums. And I can say this, I can be a little bit critical, because I started a charity that's all about helping young mums capture a bright vision for their families. And so I get it. I get the need to talk to mums.

But what about dads? Nobody is talking about dads. And so dads, I want you to know that you're so important, that you're needed, that all the research confirms that you are so important for your kids. Your kids want to feel seen and heard by you. You need to know that when you turn up, it matters. It really, really matters.

I don't think it's all just about the mum, that mum does all the parenting. Don't think that if you're separated or divorced that you're not needed and don't think because you're tired and distracted, you're not needed because you are.

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