I can’t wait for my kids to leave home!

We’ve all either heard, or said these words. 

It’s not necessarily that parents dislike their adult kids - it often speaks to how hard parenting can be and the relief that comes when the kids finally leave home.

We know what to expect with parenting — the terrible twos, then the rebellious teens — only to create young adults who no longer respect us.

But what if the twos don’t have to be terrible or rebellious teens inevitable?

What if your kids could grow to love you more — the bigger they get, and that parenting your teen would be easier then your toddler?

What if your kids will want to leave — but also love returning — regardless of their ideals, political views or life choices?

What if they respected you more as adults than in any time in their youth?

That's the unspoken dream of every parent — to raise kids they enjoy being around — to find respect.

Whatever routines you've fallen into as a parent, I want to encourage you to dream brighter for your family. 

The most important thing we do as a parent is build a healthy culture around our kids and that needs a bright vision and big belief.

Every dad needs to keep believing in their kids — no matter the mess.

If that’s something you are struggling with today. Listen to one of my podcasts or download my ebook: Culture Maker. I write with the sole purpose of helping dads create homes we enjoy, and raise kids we enjoy being around.

After all, if we’re destined to raise kids who are hard to be around — why do it at all?


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