How can I be an Ideal Dad?

Do you know that the single hardest part of parenting bar nothing is when your kids' ideals start to change from yours, especially when they're in the same home. Why is it the hardest part of parenting? Well, because your ideals are what we hold dearest. Things like our political leaning or thoughts on sexual orientation or religious belief or something as simple as diet.

And when our kids' views on these things start to differ from ours it hurts, especially because they're often really immature about how they do it. And so I wanna say, Hey, listen, it often feels like a failure. You often feel like you failed, but I want to assure you that you are not a failure and the only failure occurs if you make your child feel like one.

The most important thing is your relationship and your communication, and that's good because your child's ideal dad is one they can talk to, so be that dad. Lean into it. Try to coach them, not control them, and do everything you can to remain a dad of influence in their life.

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