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Someone once said that we are all affected by Mama, Papa, Drama and Trauma. And it is so true. Often we are parenting out of pain and we don't even stop to understand it. We're just so busy and life is so complicated that we don't stop long enough to understand the pain that's hurting our parenting. But you can know whether you're currently parenting from pain, by looking at your reaction to your kids.

Do you get angry easily? Do you assume the worst of them all the time? Do you not have a big belief in what they can achieve? And are you engaging and connecting with your kids in healthy ways? How much of your parenting is a reaction to the trauma in your own life? Because you're a culture maker and how you walk in the room matters. It affects the feel of the room and it affects how people feel about themselves. Let's parent healthy by getting ourselves healthy. Get counseling, stop drinking or doing drugs. Do whatever you need to do, but let's not pass on the trauma. Be inspired to change.


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