Healthy Patterns Create Healthy Cultures

Did you know that healthy patterns are a key part of a healthy culture?

Patterns, routines, limits and boundaries. These things give us space and they keep us healthy, and they stabilise the feel of our home and they give us the margin to breathe.

Ultimately, a healthy culture is a culture that feels better for everybody, including mum and dad. Some of you are doing everything as a parent out of a fear of psychologically damaging your child and in the process, your home is not a place of peace.

So I want to remind you that healthy cultures are healthy for everyone in that home, including mum, including you and the kids.

So if you're looking at parenting advice that puts your child number one, but creates an unhappy mum. I suggest you filter that through the type of culture that you are going to create in your home because nobody is psychologically harmed inside of cultures that feel healthy.

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