Do you tell yourself you're a Culture Maker?

Do you tell yourself you're a culture maker? I do, and it's super weird, but I have this terrible monologue in my mind that tells me that I'm worthless, that nobody cares about whether I turn up or not, and that I don't really matter and that I should go unseen. It's a stupid thing for a podcaster to admit.

But it's true. And so what I do every morning is I tell myself the truth. I face the morning sunlight just because I've heard that's a healthy thing to do. And I tell myself, I'm a culture maker. I'm a culture maker. I'm a culture maker. If I'm with others, I say it on my heart so I don't sound silly, but if I'm by myself, I say it out loud and I don't care if I'm crazy.

But this routine sets my story straight and it focuses me on what is true. How about you? Because you're a culture maker but do you believe it? Maybe you need to say it out loud and be weird like me. For more inspiration like this, head to cultural and I'll see you there.

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