Do you like your kids?

Dads, here's why you don't like your kids. Not all of you will feel this way. In fact, I hope it's only a few.

But there are dads out there that when you get out of your car at night and you go inside, you realise there's a kid you just don't like. And I think we all feel like this sometimes. And what it means is that you either have a problem or that you've been tolerating some behaviour in your child that you just don't like and you haven't dealt with it.

But see, the thing is, great leaders always engage with the hard stuff. They lean into the mess so that they can create cultures that feel good, not just for their kids, but also for themselves. And healthy cultures, are always built upon this hard work. You see, you have to like someone to care about them. And if you don't like your kid, your kids are going to feel it, they're not going to feel cared for.

And so dads, if you don't like your kids, you have to connect with them and to find out how, have a look at more of my Culture Maker content.


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