Courage Is More Important Than Confidence

courage over confidence

“I Can’t” — my second son would say, alot!

He felt he couldn’t do something until he first had the confidence to do it.

Perhaps we’ve all felt like that at times — we struggle with a belief in ourselves and the confidence to do stuff.

I am probably the most unconfident person I know — which people don’t believe. But it’s true.

I lead a business and a charity, I also get in front of a camera each week to sell my business on youtube and social media.

I’m not the right person for any of it!

There are far more talented individuals out there who could do the job twice as good, with half the effort.

Every week I lack the confidence to do what must be done.

The good news is — i’ve leant that confidence isn’t really that important.

What is important is courage.

I’ve learnt that everybody feels the same, and that those successful looking people out there — they all lack confidence.

Life is ful of problems — to lead a family or a business is to face difficuilt, painful problems — daily!

To face some unsurmountable problem in business — that’s called Monday.

To face chaos and mess at home — that’s also called Monday, and Tuesday, and you get the picture.

You see, businesses, and families, are not led by confident people - they are led by those with enough courage to lead it, through whatever problems they will face.

So young lady. Your tamariki don’t need you to have the confidence of an experienced older mum. They just need you to have the courage to lead.

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