Being a dad is more complex than just getting someone pregnant

Home is the hardest place to lead. Some men think that parenting is just sticking your penis in someone else's body and shaking it around a bit. I'm sure that technique hasn't got anyone pregnant, but you get my point. Being a dad is way more complicated than just getting someone pregnant. We often forget that the defining moment of a leader is when they lean into the mess and lead.

And often home can feel really messy for a man. Home is full of emotions and relationships and tricky things like boundaries and standards and stuff we struggle to implement in our own lives. But the young mothers of our children often feel this call to leadership well before us. As soon as the realisation hits them that they're carrying a young baby, everything changes for them. Whereas for us men, it's not often until everything changes for us that we finally hear the call to lead. But young men, I'm here to tell you not all leaders are dads, but all dads are called to lead.

So let's get to it.



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