Banning smacking - Do our homes feel safer?

If banning smacking was meant to make our homes look brighter, then why do things feel so dark? Sometimes it feels great for your kids because you're giving them all the freedom, but you're pulling out your hair in despair - a bit like me. But did we stop hitting only to hurt them with our words? Did we stop smacking only to suck them with soft parenting. Children do need to feel your strength, but perhaps it never had anything to do with them feeling the back of your hand.

The government took away smacking, but children still need to feel your strength. Do you have firm and fair limits? Do you provide the freedom to fail? Are you creating a healthy home where people feel seen, safe and secure? This stuff is hard work. New Zealand's homes are missing its dads, whether you're in the family home or not.

These kids need to feel your strength and perhaps it never had anything to do with them feeling your hand.


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